ISO/TC 106

The 55th Annual Meeting of ISO/TC 106 Dentistry, Osaka



Meeting registration for the 55th ISO/TC 106 meetings will open on March 31, 2019.
Technical Committee (TC), Subcommittee (SC) and Working Group (WG) meetings and the social event registration must be made in the platform for ISO Meetings no later than September 1, 2019.

WG meetings - Self Registration

Participants must self-register for WG meetings. Registration to WG meetings is strictly restricted to the experts and Liaison Representatives having a role in the WG in the ISO Global Directory (GD). In ISO Meetings, search for the meeting that you are registering for. The default page of ISO Meetings, shows all your ongoing and upcoming meetings.

TC and SC plenaries
– Self Registration or by MPA

Participants can self-register for TC and SC plenaries to the meetings of their respective committee in which they have a role in the GD. Any other delegates and/or Liaison representatives must be registered by their respective Meeting Participant Approver (MPA). The MPA is the individual representing an ISO Member or an International Organization (IO)/committee in liaison who can register participants in ISO Meetings.

Document for Visa Application
and Invitation Letters

Request for Document for Visa Application or Invitation Letters from the meeting host to attend the meeting should be checked during the registration process.


  • Process for issuing or requesting these documents is not initiated automatically.
  • Request for these documents shall be submitted by the National Standards Bodies (NSB). Visa support desk (VSD) will not accept or process the request from each individual.
  • VSD will collate all the requests with the meeting registration of each individual to start the process. NSB should confirm the completion of each registration prior to the submission of the necessary information to avoid any delay in process.
  • Although the closing of registration on ISO Meetings is September 1, those who need a Support Document for Visa application or Invitation Letter should complete the registration prior to the submission of document request from NSB.

Document for Visa Application

NSB shall collect Questionnaire for Japan Visa Supporting Documents filled out by those who wish to obtain visa support documents from the meeting host and submit it to VSD no later than July 12, 2019.

Invitation Letter

NSB shall fill out General Information sheet for those wish to obtain the Invitation Letter from the meeting host and submit it to VSD no later than July 12, 2019.

After the verification of submitted information and registration status, VSD will send requested documents to the NSB by e-mail.

Visa support desk (VSD) : Send an e-mail to .